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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Christmas Wish List

1.let me start with the cheapest item in my list, a cath kidston case for my blackberry. i already have a case but it's black and this one is red and merry, just like my red blackberry.( or visit bicester village)

2. a swarovski angelic pendant to match my earrings( or visit the shop in MK)

3. eversince a friend introduced me to Longchamp handbags, i never looked back. i used to buy inexpensive sometimes cheap handbags or sometimes, just because of the brand name and in less than i year, i get tired of them. they become out of style. with Longchamp, aside from its durability, it already is a classic design in itself. i also love the fact that it has a wipe clean material. it also is very spacious that i can fit my kitchen sink inside. i already have two, i want more in every color.besides, a girl can never have too many Longchamps.right,kate?(

4. chanel and dior cosmetics which i am obsessed with lately. most of the time, expensive equals to better quality but not all the time. but with these brands, it really is equal to very good quality.(
5.Samsung Galaxy tab. i am not so sure why this one is on my list. i don't like touch pads that's why i opted for the blackberry instead of the iphone. it could only be that i want internet access on the go all the time. my blackberry actually has internet access all the time,WIFI even but then bigger screen is always better. why the tab instead of the ipad?because it's smaller that it fits in my small hand. gift vouchers.i need to relax.need i say more?(
7.daphne chair.i have always been a fan. i admire her television work and her being ambassador for unicef. plus the fact that she juggles all of these by being a hands on mom to her 3 girls. i lusted for her daphne i want her will look good in our living room.only available in rustan' effecient santa would send it straight to england.
 8.the price is ridiculous for just a candle but they smell divine. that's why i wanted someone to give it to me. i could buy something else with my £40.(

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