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Monday, 23 June 2014

Five Faves

L’Occitane  Almond Shower Oil – The scent is so heavenly and it leaves your skin so soft that most times you forget you have not applied lotion yet.  A little amount mixed with water rubbed between the palm of your hands lathers up into a creamy consistency . Taking a shower once a day is enough for me but the thought of very soft skin against my bed sheets is such an inviting thought that I tend to take a shower just before bed. The scent, like lavender lulls me to deep slumber.  I could never get enough of this shower oil.

The White Company Seychelles hand wash – Before I was given this as a present, we were using The Body Shop’s Almond hand wash in the house which I absolutely love but this one I love more. It feels and smells more luxurious.  Makes hand washing much less of a chore.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – I am never the one to use brushes or any equipment for applying makeup on. I am fond of using my fingertips to put on my liquid foundation and cream blush as I find it blends better and looks more natural on me rather than using brushes and what have you. But this makeup sponge had me singing a different tune when I tried it. It gives me the same natural finish as when I use my finger tips and better because my fingers remain clean and I do not need to wash them.  Each part of the sponge has a function. The flat side, similar form to a leaf is for applying your foundation.  The leaf like form is very handy as it makes it easier to reach difficult areas of your face like the angle between your eye and your nose and also under eyes. The pointy bit is for applying concealer and the rounded side is for applying the blusher.  Genius! I’m a convert.

EOS hand cream – I raved about EOS lip balms on my previous Five Faves post and I could not rave enough about their equally good or should I say great hand cream. It comes in a very innovative flat container that will sit perfectly in your pocket. It smells lovely and glides in your hand like butter.

Dyptique candle – I have used other candles before and so far, Dyptique is the best candle I have ever lit. The quality is unrivaled and the classy design of the jar means you can place it anywhere in the house. The scent is pure bliss. Very mild on your nose but strong enough to be smelled throughout the room. It even emanates fragrance even when not lit. This is not very cheap (it was a  present) but it is worth it as you would know that they only used the purest oil and finest blend of waxes. For me, this is the gold standard when it comes to candles. Enough said.

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