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Friday, 2 May 2014

Five Faves

I find pleasure in the smallest of things in the same way I believe that great things do come in small packages. I get equally excited whether I am getting a small or a big present.  Four of my five current faves are nice, little things that made their way to my hands from across the pond. Lovingly hand carried by two of my favourite friends. 

L’Occitane hand cream – I know, I know, this is not made in the U.S. A but somehow, my friend thought I might need this buttery hand cream in our usually cold weather (even in summer!) and decided to bring me this wonderful French brand of a cream. I have been using this religiously not only because the still cold weather despite it being spring time, is making my hands dry but also because I just love how luxurious it feels on  my hands. I think a trip to L’Occitane is in the offing.

Eos lip balm – The same friend brought this ridiculously yummy and creamy lip balm from the states. It glides on my lips and keeps it supple up until I wake up in the morning. I am bordering on the obsession and applying it in every waking hour.

Bath and Body cream – The creaminess is not superior to Victoria’s Secret range of body creams but I can honestly say it can give them a run for their money as the scents that are on offer are different in a way that they do not hurt your nose. It’s subtle, like you have just come out of the shower.

Bath and Body hand sanitizer -  I first came across this sanitizer from my sister-in-law who is based in the states. She was giving them out as presents back home. I love how after a few minutes, it smells just like hand cream. The smell is overpowering at first, like any hand sanitizer, but once it dries, it smells heavenly on my hands. At one point I got confused thinking what hand cream did I use only to realize it was this amazing hand gel all along. 

M&M’s -  I’m not the one who would craves chocolates for days on end. I do have my share of cravings but only occasionally. I was surprised how much I was eating this colourful treats every single time I get hold of them. It does not help that I have a stash in a clear glass container hanging in my kitchen. I particularly love the peanut ones. So probably a trip to M&M’s is in order, too, which would delight my five year old little girl.

Flowers – Hang on, we were only talking about five faves, you might think but as it features on my photo above, I might as well mention how much I have been loving flowers lately. I particularly love the hydrangeas and the carnations . Having a vase of flowers on any corner of the house always brings that sense of calm and luxury.

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