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Sunday, 4 September 2011

In Her (makeup) Bag

I already have someone in mind whom I was supposed to feature on Stage Mommy's In The Bag Series for August but it's September now and she has not confirmed yet. So I will just feature what's inside my makeup bag since I already did a post on what's inside my handbag here and not much has changed so far except that I don't bring formula bottles anymore.

This is my "big" makeup bag which holds all of my makeup but I don't carry this around in my handbag as I have a smaller one which only has the basic essentials.

This is my pink Prada makeup bag which I bought with eyes closed (LOL) as it was so expensive but I bought it as a gift to myself for bagging the best job in the world (for me).
 from left clockwise:
  • Dior lipstick
  • Victoria Jackson Lipstick (my new fave)
  • Chanel lipstick
  • O.P.I lipgloss (another new fave)
  • Dior lipgloss
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
  • Victoria Jackson eye palette
  • Chanel face powder
  • MAC eyeliner in Coffee
  • The Body Shop brow and liner kit
  • The Body Shop brilliance powder
 Victoria Jackson is my new favorite makeup brand. It is very inexpensive but can compete with my branded ones not just with the quality but with the packaging as well. I love the creaminess of the lipsticks.

I love my Dior lipgloss but when a friend gave me this O.P.I gloss, I was impressed. I thought the brand is only good when it comes to nail polish. It give my lips a nice shimmer without being too sticky.

I have just started using eye makeup and MAC's eyeliner in coffee did not disappoint. I love the way my eyes look everytime I put eyeliner on.

Before I discovered Chanel and Dior, I have been a fan of The Body Shop and up to now, I still do get some of my makeup from them. I really like the brow liner kit. Instead of using eyebrow pencil, I use this compact with the brow brush that come with it. It gives my brow a soft look compared when using an eyebrow pencil. The Brilliance powder I use on my cheeks. Gives me a bronzed look especially in the winter when I look really pale. It comes in a no-mess tube with an integrated brush.

Lastly, my can't do without is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. It's when I don't want to use foundation but don't really want to be barefaced as well. As the name implies, it's a moisturiser but with a hint of foundation. A lot of brands have come up with their own version like Olay (which I use daily for work) but Laura Mercier was the pioneer.

There you go, a peek in my makeup bag.
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