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Monday, 19 July 2010

another year

                        viewing the party venue 3 months before ava's 1st birthday party

Four months from now, Ava will be turning 2. Around this time last year, I was already busy preparing for Ava's first birthday party.i have been dreaming of my baby daughter's first birthday party before she was even conceived, way before i got pregnant, I already knew then what kind of party i wanted for her first birthday. Five months before her birthday, i already contacted suppliers for the invites and giveaways. They were the same suppliers i had when she had her christening. I was happy with their services. The cd invites were from Business Shoppe, the backpack souvenir giveaways and tarp were from Flair Party Supplies and the prizes for the games, I ordered from ebay.
the box arrived around 4 weeks before the party which was really good. i had the suppliers send them to our home address in cebu and some were picked up my brother then they put them in one box and was sent to us about 6 weeks before the party.

i have loads of ideas in my head for her second birthday party but the thing is we don't want it to be as big as her first birthday party. we want it to be low key. just a handful of kids and parents.

shall we hold it at home, or at a restaurant or in a hall again? i'm still undecided. probably it will just be us three spending the day somewhere where we can just have ava to ourselves on her special day.
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