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Friday, 22 August 2008

bugged by buggies

since it's our first baby, we've been really confused as to how to choose a travel system. the market is really confusing what with all the accesories and what have you that goes with it. we have been trolling the shops and surfing the net and found 4 that we have considered. my number one choice is the silver cross 3d pram (third photo). the other three are bugaboo (the best looking but least likely to get it coz it's very expensive considering it's mostly celebrities'choice),  the Loola Bebe Confort (first photo) and graco travel system(last photo). we still have to make up our minds though we are geared towards the silver cross one because of it's practicality (very easy to use and fold for storage) and lightweight as well.  we'll find out  our final choice when we do our test drive.
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