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Friday, 11 January 2008

Starbucks card

for us starbucks lovers, there's a new convenient way of paying for our starbucks addiction in the form of this starbucks card. it works just like a prepaid card where all you have to do is load it instore or online and voila, everytime you go to your nearest branch all you have to do is present it to pay for you purchase. you have to keep tab of your balance though or else you risk getting embarassed paying with it when it's empty.
i learned about it when i was in their bond street branch in central london and i saw the card displayed on the shelf. i asked and the barista told me how it works. i loved the idea because i really hate bringing cash with me. i always use my mastercard or ATM debit card to pay for my purchases from groceries to cinema tickets to train tickets and even as little as buying newspapers. they are so handy and i don't have to waste my time counting all the loose change. it's just so inconvenient that not all starbucks stores accept cards. well, not yet. so that makes this starbucks card an instant hit with me. i got one right away and had it loaded with the minimum amount of £5. so everytime i have my frapuccino craving, i can always get one even if i don't have change with me or worse, if they don't accept mastercards.
        talking about my mocha frapuccino cravings, i have found an alternative to it now that winter is here. i mean, i still love it but i don't really want to have a cold drink when it's freezing. i'm just too glad that i discovered starbucks new hazelnut latte. it's my current favorite now. i never really liked capuccinos as an alternative to frapuccinos but this milky coffee concoction called latte is just the perfect substitute for me and i love especially the hazelnut flavored ones. if i can have it everyday i will do so but sadly i have to keep an eye on my caffeine intake.
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