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Friday, 12 October 2007

..and Mr. big is back!!! well.

Chris Noth a.k.a Mr. Big has apparently finally signed up to reprise his role in Sex and the City in the movie version. this is BIG news for SATC fans (like me  ) who loves Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw's on and off relationship (and friendship) in the series. if you are not familiar with the series, he is carrie's safety net, the one strong hand that would catch her if ever she falls. the dashing armani clad guy with a chauffeured vintage Jag.but they just couldn't decide if they want to be together or not which makes their story more interesting. they ended up together in the last episode of the series when he had to fly to Paris to take her away from the self centered Russian that she was currently dating that time. oh i just couldn't wait now for the movie to be shown. as far as the casts are concerned, it has only been the four girls and the dashing Mr. Noth (who's still alive and kicking in NY) who are confirmed to be in the movie. what about Stanford and Anthony? well i hope they are in too because they are such hilarious little gay guys and Smith and Harry and of course, Berger (as in burger). i could go on and on and on. why don't they just sign up everyone in the cast (if only it's as easy as that) and have one big episode on film then everyobody is happy.
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