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Thursday, 7 July 2005

food glorious food

                      i have an intimate relationship with food. that's why i love eating out and takeaways. good thing my husband shares this passion of mine. the difference between us is he seems not to store what we just had while i store mine as body fat.we love trying out new restaurants in town or out of town though we have favorites that we just can't get enough. we keep going back. top on our list is our favorite thai restaurant Jitlada. a quaint little restaurant situated in a little nook in the town center.the service is very personalized. we are always greeted in tagalog by the staff everytime we go there. for starters, we always have the bags of gold. spicy minced meat wrapped intricately and deep fried to perfection. crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. for the main course, one of our favorites is called crying tiger. succulent strips of marinated beef with hot and spicy dip on the side. their fish dishes are the best that i have ever tasted be it sweet and sour or ones with tangy jitlada sauce. and oh, not to forget their curry dishes. they are consistently good everytime we order.for desserts, their coconut ice cream is to die for. not over sweet. just enough to tickle your sweet tooth. we also love the blue lagoon in london but then we can't just go there everytime we have a craving for thai food so Jitlada will always be number one in our list. the coconut garden didn't really appeal much to us. we found nothing special with the place and the food. Yim thai is not bad. the ambience and decor is quite good and the food is lovely but a little on the expensive side. when it comes to italian cuisine, we love Ask in Milton keynes and Ill Millefiori in Dunstable. in Ask, i like their carbonara with creamy white sauce that bursts with flavor once it hits your palate and in Ill Millefiori, their seafood salad and calamari for starters are must haves. they also have a sweets trolley for dessert which you can help yourself into.Bella Italia lands in our list too. they have really lovely bruschettas. indian cuisine interest us as well and Mumbai in town is highly recommended. once we ordered green chicken curry with naan bread and it was absolutely delicious. every bite of their naan bread tastes like heaven.soft and buttery. it just melts in your mouth. we have yet to try Papa J's.then there's this French restaurant that we've been eyeing to go to but for the meantime, let me dial my favorite chinese takeaway. writing this piece made me hungry.
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