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Monday, 11 June 2007


travelling gives me a different kind of high. nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning in a nice hotel in another part of the world. somewhere i haven't been, somewhere my wanderlust hasn't taken me before. thoughts of exploring the place seduces me and my itchy feet couldn't wait to drag me out of the covers and into the shower and out into this city that's new to me. my thirsty eyes would drink with passion the nice architecture, the paintings and sculptures in the museums and my ears would strain to hear even the smallest details of bygone times. rome is a travellers' haven. every corner screams of history and the beautiful structures around are a feast for the eyes- the colosseum, st. paul's cathedral and not to forget the exhilarating painting of michaelangelo on the cieling of the sistine chapel. i used to just read about them in textbooks in school but now, i have seen them with my own eyes. their food is a treat to the palate. it was in rome where i tasted the best tasting tiramisu in this quaint ristorante beside the colosseum and oh, have i mentioned that the people are lovely? paris is not i expected it to be although the eifel tower did go beyond my expectations. it's so exquisite that i could stare at it forever. i would have stiff neck by then. the arch de triomph along the champs elyssee is lovely but then the people are, not so. london is rich in history as well. i love travelling along the tube to reach  one destination to the other. i love taking the london eye with big ben on the left and the tower bridge on the right, two of london's most famous tourist attraction. it is a cold country with four seasons in one day. you'd be lucky to have one whole week with the sun out during summer. but despite that, the people are warm. dublin in ireland is, well, dublin. barcelona is next in my list and athens, and monaco and new york and bangkok. i could go on and on and on. all the cities in the world is a nice place to explore and i'd only be too happy to go where my wanderlust will lead me.
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